Can I Start My Own Compost at Home?

At Boochcraft, we are compassionate, and we care about the impact we have on the world and the people around us. We don’t cut corners, and we certainly don’t take the easy road.  One way we continue to aspire to “Do Better” is through our composting program.  After juicing nearly every drop from our fruit, the discarded scraps are then composted, where they’re given a new life, moving on to local farms where it is used in place of chemical fertilizers. Our composting directly reduces the impact on local landfills, reducing methane emissions and lowering our carbon footprint.   Boochcraft’s Annual Compost Report: 2017: 80,183 lbs.  2018: 171,087 lbs.  2019: 560,558 lbs.  2020: 854,406 lbs.   2021: 1,110,985 lbs.  And we’re NOT...

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